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MSDF Anti-Piracy Role Protects 32,600 Sailors So Far

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DD113 Sazanami escorting shipping traffic in Gulf of Aden (source: MSDF)

The Japanese Embassy in the Philippines is boasting of the MSDF’s role in multilateral anti-piracy efforts off the coast of the Somalia in the Gulf of Aden. According to their press release, Filipino sailors benefited most from the Japanese presence.

The MSDF’s mission includes aiding not only Japanese-flagged ships, but also those of other countries. Apparently the ‘Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has been receiving “applications from various maritime-related organizations, such as ship operators and ship owners, from around the world for escort assistance and safe passage for vessels.”‘

I’ve tabulated the data from the report below:

    Country of Origin   Nationals Escorted       Flag   Vessels Escorted       Type of Vessel   Vessels Escorted    
    Philippines   10,607       Panama   435       Tankers   737    
    India   5,824       Liberia   140       General Cargo Ships   436    
    China   3,470       China   137       Special Cargo Ships   89    
    Ukraine   2,210       Marshall Islands   87       Container Ships   51    
    Turkey   1,683       Malta   69       Car Carriers   41    
    Russia   1,669       Singapore   66       LPG Carriers   34    
    South Korea   1,339       India   54       Passenger Ships   5    
    Myanmar   958       Bahamas   51                
    Indonesia   568       Antigua and Barbuda   43                
    Bangladesh   540       Norway   42                
    Thailand   428       Turkey   36                
    Japan   374       Isle of Man   26                
    Latvia   307       South Korea   23                
    Greece   275       Greece   22*                
    Romania   265                            
    Croatia   220                            
    Bulgaria   189                            
    Poland   189                            
    Vietnam   188                            
    Pakistan   179                            
    Egypt   111                            
    Georgia   102                            
    Germany   83                            
    United Kingdom   81                            

*Article states 922, clearly a typo


MSDF Anti-Piracy Mission [Japanese]


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