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A New Year, A New Resolution

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Taken by Los688,8-Apr-2007,JGSDF Camp-Utsunomi...
JSDF on parade at Camp Utsunomiya via Wikipedia

Once upon a time, there was a student who got lost in the world of self-defence, collective security, and post-war victimhood. He delved deeper and deeper into the forest of special measures laws and dangerous neighbours, waging battles in the staccato clattering of key-presses until finally he reached the other side. Blinking in the daylight, he joined the masses of besuited wage slaves and day by day his memory of those days in the dark forest began to wane. Lest he forget where he came from, and thus who we was, he once more ventured into the dank swamps of the forest of Japanese security, taking his ethereal guests with him.

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