Defending Japan

Offshore in a Dangerous Neighbourhood


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Japan is a country entrapped by its history and geography. It is surrounded by nuclear powers, and as the only state to have ever suffered the devastating effects of atomic weaponry, it has turned its back on the most likely means of effective defence.

Its society balances the discipline and pride of the great military power that it was with a reluctance to ever fall prey to such militarist ambitions despite the rest of its neighbours having few of such qualms.

James Simpson studied the social norms behind Japan’s gradual so-called “normalisation” and the history and pressures behind the North Korea’s abduction of Japanese citizens throughout the 60s and 70s. This blog is his rediscovery of Japanese security issues.

Basic Posting Schedule

1300 UTC: News Summary

1100 UTC: Analysis

1300 UTC: Special Feature

Occasional updates

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Written by James

2011/01/02 at 15:38

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