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Offshore in a Dangerous Neighbourhood

ATTN: Defending Japan joins Japan Security Watch

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Defending Japan started a month ago after months of wanting to get back into writing, and with the prodding of a few people over at Twitter. One of those people was Kyle Mizokami of Japan Security Watch. He helped convince me to start the blog, helped me gain some traffic, and now he’s offered me a chance to join forces. How could I refuse?

From this point on,  Defending Japan will be absorbed into Japan Security Watch and you will be able to find all the previous and future posts at that site. I want to thank everyone who plugged this blog and linked here, and I want to tell you how much I look forward to seeing you over at JSW. Please redirect your bookmarks to Japan Security Watch and subscribe to the RSS feed there.

@defendingjapan will also change, becoming @JapanSecWatch, so current followers will continue to receive site updates. You can also follow me personally at @jamesinjapan.

Thanks everyone!


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2011/01/25 at 10:59

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